Alchemy of Two Worlds – Best Books by Ashwin Sanghi.

Alchemy of Two Worlds – Best Books by Ashwin Sanghi.

Ashwin Sanghi is a virtuoso in his field of work, a best-selling author and a businessman. He is a best-selling conspiracy fiction writer, who retells Indian history and mythology in a contemporary fashion. 

He is one of the authors who specialise in mythological-theological and mythological themes. 

But did you know?  

Ashwin Sanghi was featured on the Forbes India ‘Celebrity 100’ list! 

Not just that, he has also won the Crossword Popular Choice 2012, the WBR Iconic Achievers Award 2018, and the LitOFest Literature Legend Award 2018 and many more!! 

Today, at BookArt101 we will list the best books by Ashwin Sanghi so that you don’t miss out on any good books in your lifetime. Let’s have a look:

The Vault of Vishnu 

The Vault of Vishnu is Ashwin Sanghi’s latest release and is captivating the alchemy of Biophysics. Just like many of Ashwin’s books, this too is a craft of the two worlds encapsulated within the story. The book is a story of a Pallava prince who travels to Cambodia to be crowned as a prince. But the story takes a twist, as he knows secrets which can cause war. 

The story envelops the readers, thanks to the extraordinary story-telling skills of Ashwin. To understand the title of the book the person has to go through a journey. A journey of reading the saga spanning centuries and laced with mystery, knowledge, spiritualism, betrayal, treachery, mythology, imagination, action, murder and finally victory. The narrative is undoubtedly based in mythology but is clubbed with science. 

The book provides a flavour of many dishes in one and it has been well-researched. At the end of the book, you will be intrigued and will have some knowledge about Angkor Wat, Pallav dynasty, Chidambaram temple,  Xuanzang’s (or Hsuan-tang) journey and China. 

Keepers of the Kalachakra 

The book Keepers of the Kalachakra was released in 2018. The plot of the book has it all which will keep you hooked till all the pieces of the puzzle have not come together. The plot is Ashwin’s signature style, which is a blend of contemporary science with mythology; the book is laced with history and legends. The plot revolves around the heads of states who are stuck down by an unnamed killer who does not leave any trace of their methods. The book has an extraordinary gripping thrill.

It is the part of the Bharat series by Ashwin Sanghi. The book is one of its kind as it is a thriller on Buddhist iconography and beliefs. The book throws you in a whirlwind with such a great start and all the mysterious incidents in the book are stitched so perfectly together. 

Ashwin accomplishes the task of story-telling with the themes of Rama’s crossing Lanka to the birth of Buddhism; from the origin of Wahhabism to the Einsteinian gravitational wave-detectors of LIGO. 

The Sialkot Saga 

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi has been pegged as a business thriller. The book was published in 2016. Ashwin is a businessman turned writer and that is why he understands every tactic and recess of the game. The story is about two guys Arbaaz and Arvind, both businessmen. It is set in the backdrop of the post-independence era. The lives of the two people are directly interwoven, how they become arch-rivals and then the book reveals how their lives have an ancient secret.

Sialkot Saga is not just a conspiracy theory but it has everything, thriller, history, mythology, love, romance, conspiracy, politics, tragedy, suspense and whatnot. The pledges not to bore you even for a single second and Ashwin’s writing style is sure to grip you. The book is covered with an easy flow of stories which catch up one after the other but also has deep roots within itself.

The book resonates differently for everyone. Some get enthralled by history, some by business and some by the story. But it is a wholesome package. 

Chanakya’s Chant 

Chanakya’s Chant is one of the most famous works of Ashwin Sanghi; published in 2014. It is Ashwin’s attempt at historical fiction. Two sagas run parallel in the book. One is the saga of Chanakya’s manipulative journey of installing Chandragupt on the throne. Second is the saga of Pandit Gangasagar Mishra manipulating to establish Chandni Gupta as the Prime Minister. 

The story is not just historical fiction but also cocoons the theme of politics. The book has fair humour throughout the book. The story is a fast-paced story with capsule-like chapters. The characters are shown as ruthless, and conceited & without any morals. The book is a ride into a world where power is the most important thing. Sanghi takes inspiration from recent events in India’s political sphere to create the present day scenario which Gangasagar considers his battleground.

It is a must-read since it keeps you at the edge throughout, as Sanghi’s storytelling style is impeccable. 

The Rozabal Line

The Rozabal Line is the first book in the Bharat series of history and mythological thrillers. The storyline is a complex yet enthralling one. The plot is engulfed in mystery and religion and gives a taste of centuries and religions. The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and came to Kashmir, India. The book was first published in 2007. 

The book stirs one’s curiosity as Ashwin has interlinked Hinduism-Islamic-Judaism/Christianity. The book is the weave of contemporary history, which has a lot of facts and a complex storyline. Ashwin Sanghi has researched the topic so well that it impresses the readers and helps them to digest what he says through a story which ranges through centuries. 

Everyone should read this book with an open mind to learn and grasp what the author has to offer. Also, an open mind is required to understand the religious factors explained in the book. 

The Krishna Key 

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi is a theological, anthropological thriller. The theme of the book relishes the magic of Krishna and then throws the readers in a murder mystery thriller, where in the modern times a poor little rich boy believes that he is the last avatar (incarnation of Lord Krishna.) The book revolves around a professor who gets tangled in a murder mystery of his childhood friend. 

It’s a Krishna based story but of modern times.  Almost every chapter begins with the first-person narrative of Krishna. Then the Kaliyug time transition is shown. Like many other Ashwin Sanghi’s books, this too throws us into a mythological era. The mythological and historical facts embedded and weaved into the story, which most of us had no idea earlier of their being into existence. 

In the book, Ashwin has stitched a great back story of every character which is heavily weighed on their actions and reactions. Mahabharata retelling is one of the highlights in the book. Overall the book is one of the rare books that you have to read twice or more. 

13 Steps to Bloody Good Health 

Ashwin Sanghi’s non-fiction book 13 Steps to Bloody Good Health is again one of the most liked works of his. In the book, he breaks the proverbial notion of being born with a silver spoon. The book has been co-authored by Sunil Dalal. Ashwin visits the idea of becoming rich can be a little difficult but not impossible. The book makes the investment less intimidating. 

The book is a well-laid foundation on how someone can manage their finances and become rich. Ashwin also does not hesitate to break some myths and show a clearer picture of the bitter truth of the financial institutions. It is one of the best books for a beginner in the field of finances, but it is also an excellent read for anyone who wants to manage finance to become rich. 

13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck 

The best-selling fiction writer Ashwin Sanghi made his debut into the non-fiction foray with 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck, which also became a hit. Ashwin details that some people are born with good luck while also details that “luck” is not exclusive to lucky people only. It can be incorporated by people with practice. 

 He compiled a plethora of lucky people’s habits into 13 habits. In the book, Ashwin has presented well-researched evidence of successful people. He has connected dots of the successful and lucky people and has churned out a book which enlists traits to become lucky. Three types of luck exist according to the writer- circumstantial, inheritance and dumb luck. Ashwin, in his book 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck, details steps to achieve the circumstantial good luck. Achieve good luck, guys! 

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