The Best Books by Dan Brown – The Mystery Novelist

The Best Books by Dan Brown – The Mystery Novelist

Daniel Gerhard Brown, or better referred to as Dan Brown, is an American author who is well-known for his thriller novels. Dan Brown has published 7 novels to date and his eight-book “Wild Symphony” is scheduled to be out in September 2020. 

Born on June 22, 1964, in New Hampshire, Dan Brown is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Amherst College. In 2005, he was listed among the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time Magazine. His novels are a full entertainment package that contains mysteries and conspiracies. All of them have been translated into more than 57 languages worldwide. Keep on reading to find out more about the books written by this renowned author.

1. The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown’s most acclaimed novel The Da Vinci Code focuses on Robert Langdon, the professor of symbology at Harvard University. Robert is in Paris to deliver a lecture and it is there that he is woken up in the middle of the night by the police and incriminated for the murder of the curator of Louvre Museum. Subsequently, he takes the help of a French cryptographer, Sophie Neveau, and manages to escape. The novel further follows their journey as they set about to search for the real killer.

The Da Vinci Code is an intriguing novel that is full of suspense and mysteries. It is best suited for the readers who want an exciting read and like figuring out secrets, breaking codes, and solving pieces of a puzzle.

2. The Deception Point

The Deception Point is a full-blown political-technical thriller where a team of experts investigates the authenticity of a meteorite in the Arctic that seems to have a proof of extra-terrestrial life. These experts work along with Rachel Sexton, a data analyzer of the current White House workforce. The ultimate discovery turns out to be quite controversial as there seems to be evidence of a scientific hoax just before the Presidential election.

Dan Brown’s most thrilling novel The Deception Point has a different flavor of writing that shows how one can make a time-altering lie based on nuances of science. Through The Deception Point, Dan Brown has intermingled history, science, and politics where there is a surprise around every corner.

3. The Digital Fortress

Smart and stunning code-breaker and mathematician, Susan Fletcher is called by the NSA for an emergency. The organization is being held hostage by an ingeniously complex code that, if released, can cripple the whole U.S. intelligence. The Digital Fortress captures Susan’s battle to save the agency while fighting for the country.

Dan Brown has created one of the best-spun narratives that are a mixture of real-life suspense and technical brilliance. The Digital Fortress has an innovative plot whose premise is strengthened by interesting characterization, rapid pace, and thrilling suspense. Dan Brown has created a techno-thriller which would make you wonder about how much and what all the government has concealed from the public, and whether your every movement is being watched or not.

4. Angels and Demons

Robert Langdon is summoned to a Swiss research facility to uncover the truth behind the murder of a physicist, who has a symbol burnt into his chest. This leads the revelation of a centuries-old fight between the Illuminati and the Catholic Church, just as the Vatican comes under the threat of a time-bomb. Angels and Demons unfold how Robert Langdon joins up with Vittoria Vetra and their journey to discover the ultimate truth.

Angels and Demons is an explosive international thriller that zooms across enlightening epiphanies and dark truths. Dan Brown has created sheer suspense and an amazing plot in Angels and Demons which make it an enthralling read and keeps the reader hooked till the end.

5. Origin

Origin is yet another brilliant piece of work by Dan Brown where the protagonist, Robert Langdon goes to Spain to get to find answers to the biggest question of the extraterrestrial universe- who are we, why we are here and where do we go? Origin unfolds the journey of Robert Langdon as he navigates the dark corridors of extreme religion and hidden history to find out the breathtaking truth that has been eluding us.

Dan Brown’s fifth novel Origin is stunningly inventive and has a power-packed plot that is full of mysteries and conspiracies. Origin talks about the never-before explored the location of Spain in the modern world.

6. The Lost Symbol

In The Lost Symbol, Robert Langdon gets exposed to an ancient object which has been encoded with five different ancient symbols. This is followed by Peter Solomon, mentor to Robert Langdon, being kidnapped. Robert is then left with following the trail of clues with the hope of finding Peter while traversing a hidden world beneath Washington DC.

Dan Brown has a special way with words that allows the reader to experience an emotional roller coaster The Lost Symbol, throughout the book. The Lost Symbol is an excellent combination of arcane symbols, enigmatic codes, and veiled histories that have never been touched before. This is one book that you would not be able to keep down once you start reading it.

7. Inferno

After waking up in an unknown hospital in Florence, Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbology, has no recollection of the past thirty-six hours. With a female assassin trailing him through Florence, Robert Langdon, along with Sienna Brooks, his doctor, embark on a journey to stop the spread of a deadly virus. This airborne virus has been set up by a dead antagonist Bertrand Zobrist. Inferno talks about how Robert Langdon finds the virus and stops it from leaking.

Dan Brown has combined classical Italian art, literature, and history with cutting-edge science in this entertaining thriller. Inferno magnificently maintains the suspense throughout the narrative while taking an altogether different route than what you might have anticipated.

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