Best Indian Biographies of All Times!

Best Indian Biographies of All Times!

India has always been home to numerous inspirations who have carved a niche in the history of the world. India is the land of great leaders, athletes, actors, scientists, poets, and so on. Great personalities were not made in a day but it took them years and years of struggle day in and out to yield the desired results. All they did was to keep the fiery passion in their heart burning at all times. They never let go of the hope that their hard work will pay off someday. Their stories are a constant source of inspiration for anyone willing to stay motivated in life. 

We have curated an exclusive list of best Indian Biographies for you. We hope that it helps you in some way or the other! 

The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan by Robert Kanigel 

Ramanujan was a mathematical genius. Hailing from a humble background of a Tamilian family in India, he had little access to the outside world. No one could understand the concepts that this genius put forward until one day, he was recognized by Hardy, a British mathematician. The story gives us a deep insight into the collaboration between Ramanujan and Hardy. The collaboration ended shortly after Ramanujan died at an early age of 32. But except, he achieved it all in a short span. 

Kanigel goes on to describe this mathematical prodigy in the best possible way making it one of the best Indian Biographies. His work is researched well and contains all the important information that will help you know everything about Ramanujan. If you want to know more about Ramanujan or just want to read a good book, this is for you. 

Rajneeti: A Biography of Rajnath Singh by Gautam Chintamani 

The book is centered around the life of Rajnath Singh, one of the greatest political leaders of modern India. Our current defense minister has a political career of nearly fifty years that has only proved him one of the most influential leaders of our country. From being a swayamsevak in RSS to the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Singh has risen to glory with every little victory that he achieved as a leader. 

President for two times, Singh also saw the biggest victory for his party, Bharatiya Janata Party as it rose to victory with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister in 2014. From wiping off the Naxalites to conducting the first election in Jammu & Kashmir after decades, he is all things inspirational. If you want to read the best Indian Biographies, this should be on your list. 

Beyond The Last Blue Mountain: The Life of J.R.D. Tata 

Published in 1992, this book takes into account the life of the man who dominates the industrial house of India, J.R.D. Tata. The man who took India’s industrial evolution to greater heights and left no stone unturned to make changes in every industry whether it is steel, cement, or even vegetable oils. Being the first commercial pilot of India, he completed his schooling from Paris, Yokohama, and India. Tata is also the founder of the first commercial airline in India, Air India. He is responsible for turning the whole industrial world upside down. 

The book has been well researched and presents all the facts that you want to know about J.R.D. Tata. the writing by Lala is extraordinary and will keep you intrigued all the time. It is a treat to read about this great personality! 

Gandhi Before India by Ramachandra Guha 

Mahatma Gandhi, also known as the father of our nation is one of the few most influential social reformers, activists, and political leaders that India ever witnessed. Guha in his biography of Gandhi brings out every aspect of Gandhi’s life right from his birth to his time in Gujarat. There is also a great analysis of his time in London as a student and then two decades of his life when he worked as a lawyer. 

Through Guha’s writings, it is clear that everything that Gandhi experienced big or small greatly shaped him as a person and played a big role in the Gandhi we saw. His role as a social activist, reformer, writer, politician, and leader was all given shape by his time as a lawyer. 

Buried Seeds: A Chef’s Journey: The Story of Vikas Khanna

We all know Vikas Khanna from the popular television show, MasterChef India. But we are not familiar with his story. You might know the man but you do not know how he got where he is today! Khanna was born in a middle-class family in Amritsar, he would serve at the Golden Temple and cook in his grandmother’s kitchen. Until one day, he opens a catering business at the age of seventeen and decides to go to New York to pursue it further. 

Faced with discrimination, prejudice, and poverty, he still did not give up. Failures greeted him everywhere but it could not bring his spirits down. He dared to dream! Bellani’s beautiful writing adds charm while reading it making it one of the best Indian Biographies. 

Akhada: The Authorized Biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat by Saurabh Duggal 

Based on the life of the best wrestling coach of India, this is a story of hope, determination, and immense courage of a father who gave his all to bring home medals for India. Hailing from a small village in Haryana, he had to face a lot of criticism from people all around. A place with low literacy rates and female foeticides could not digest the fact that girls were being trained for wrestling. However, nothing could break Mahavir Singh Phogat’s determination.

Now recognized as a proud father of the best women wrestlers of India, Phogat is an inspiration to many. The book presents his picture with the utmost honesty. It glorifies his strength and weakness alike. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to read the best Indian Biographies! 

Sridevi: The Eternal Screen Goddess by Satyarth Nayak

Sridevi, the name itself casts an iconic image in your mind. Her twinkling eyes and a mesmerizing smile appear in your head and that clearly explains the brilliance of the greatest Bollywood actress that ever lived! In her career, she acted in more than 300 movies and worked for nearly five decades. Not only Hindi movies, but she worked equally well in Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, and Tamil movies as well.  Starting her career as a child actor, she ended it as a mother in Mom. 

With exclusive interviews from some of the biggest celebrities that she has worked with combined with some of the lesser-known facts about her, this book will truly enthrall you if you are a Sridevi fan. If you like Bollywood or just movies, this is one of the best Indian Biographies that you can read!

Driven: The Virat Kohli Story by Vijay Lokapally 

Virat Kohli is the heartbeat of young India. Whether it is his sheer determination and passion on the field or his style game off-field, Virat has always been on the top of his game. He never had it so easy before. He lost his pillar of support, his father to cerebral stroke at a very young age. Virat was devastated but it did not break his moral to do something for him. He returned to the field even after a few hours of losing him. That’s how our young man paid his respects to his father. 

With having achieved so much and continuing to do so at such a young age, Kohli never fails to inspire! Written by the best sports journalist, this book not only highlights Kohli as a cricketer but also as a person. 

Outlaw: India’s Bandit Queen and Me by Roy Moxham 

Pholaan Devi or popularly known as the “Bandit Queen” of India was termed as the modern-day Robin Hood of independent India. Her indomitable spirit and determination to avenge her gangrape will tell you unquestionably how strong this woman was. Being a woman never stopped her from wanting what she has always desired. Her influential character attracted a lot of followers who would do anything for her, even killings. 

After her followers killed 20 high-caste Indians, she was imprisoned. Roy was so thrilled by her story that he constantly wrote to her in the prison and also traveled with her when she was released and became an MP. This book is a collection of letters, interviews, or any piece of communication that he shared with her. This is one unique book which also makes it one of the best Indian Biographies. 

Notes of A Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rehman

Did you know that A.R. Rehman is a tech freak and even the curtains in his house are automated? Well, you probably would not know much about this fabulous musician because he is a mystery in himself. From composing music at the age of 9 to bringing home the Oscar, this man is no less than a living legend. Rehman has played a big part in bringing India in the face of world music. With is debut as a music director in Roza, he has not looked back since. 

Trilok presents numerous unknown facts about the music composer that we have never heard about. Rehman has always been an introvert and does not like to disclose much about himself. In such a case, this book provides all the inside details from his life. If you are a fan of Rehman’s music or just music in general, this book is for you. If you like music, it is almost impossible for you to not like Rehman. Highly recommended! 

All these personalities never stopped dreaming and worked hard relentlessly to achieve their dreams, no matter what. If they can do it. Why can’t you? All it takes is a tiny step filled with passion and determination. Once you take that, there’s no turning back! I hope you all find your source of inspiration through these best Indian Biographies.

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