The Fault In Our Stars: A Tribute to Life

The Fault In Our Stars: A Tribute to Life


‘The Fault In Our Stars’, written by the renowned writer of Young Adult Fiction, John Green became an extensively popular book, after the movie was released under the same name ‘The fault in our stars’. There was a lot of hype that surrounded this book at that time but none of it affected me. I read The Fault in Our Stars only when I personally felt infatuated towards it. And I am grateful to date that I read it.

Narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a lung cancer patient who thought her days are numbered until a miraculous drug experiment prolongs her life. Struggling with depression, she is forced to attend a Support Group. Enters Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor, and an extremely charming boy. Hazel and Augustus instantly feel a bond building between them. It is not your usual love story.


‘The Fault in Our Stars’ explores a number of themes including life, love, and death. Hazel and Augustus make your heart bloom with joy as well as shred your poor heart to pieces.


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Just like their lives, this book named “The Imperial Affliction” which happens to be Hazel’s favorite is written about Cancer and ends mid-sentence. Augustus uses his life’s wish to make Hazel’s dream come true of meeting the author of her favorite book. What follows is a journey of love, compassion, philosophy, and loss.

The Fault in Our Stars is not melancholic, it is all things happy. The blurb of the book makes the story sound very sad. But the book is the exact opposite. The narrative is very funny, witty, and impressive. Hazel’s outlook on life is unique and very poignant. Augustus’s character is drawn in a manner that you instantly feel connected to him. Both the protagonists have an extremely honest and believable character. Several dialogues by Augustus will make you pause for a moment and grab your highlighter because they are highly conspicuous.

The book also has a philosophical bent to it. John Green brings out the best of his writing and teaches us mighty things in short yet powerful one-liners. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace share the purest relationship that you may have ever come across in fiction.

The portrayal of the two characters is top-notch and one of Green’s finest creations to date. Moreover, even the character of Van Houten has a definite intensity to it. The reader desires to know more about his idiosyncratic personality and understand why he functions in a certain way.

John Green’s note of empathy is sure to move you to tears but will also manage to bring a smile on your face whenever needed. Despite the fact that Cancer hangs like a rope in all the pages of the book, The Fault in Our Stars is not a Cancer-book. It is true that numerous elements in the book may point towards this genre, but it rises above all to become a story of love.

The love that blossoms between Hazel and Augustus in a very short period of time and they find their forever in the same. Their love story is not about grand gestures or omnipotent display of affection but it lies in the little moments that impact these two as well as the reader. It is ethereal in the simplest way possible.

The Fault in Our Stars might be one of the most painful stories that you read but I assure you that this pain demands to be felt. This book by John Green is for everyone, no matter how old you are. This emotional rollercoaster that this book offers is meant for all to experience. This is definitely one of the best books that I’ve read. It most certainly deserves your time and energy.

The Fault in Our Stars is as real and raw as it can get. You will fall head over heels in love with the writing, the characters, and most importantly, the emotions of the book. This is not just another book about sickness but a story of love, hope, and strength. It is about the people who make this life worth living.

It teaches you how short life can stand out to be an infinite one. John Green talks about a wider spectrum when he wrote this book and once you read it, you will understand it all. It is both enthralling and beautiful!

If you are want to cry your heart out and explore a number of philosophical ideas all at the same time, this book is definitely for you! ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is also one of our favourite book to movie adaptations among others.


  1. Foziya Khan

    I had been waiting so long for this post, and Ishika Sinha you made each second worth it🧡

  2. Ajin Jenny Thomas

    Blissful. Undoubtedly Fault in our stars is an emotional rollercoaster where you want to be the one controls the rollercoaster and save the characters you love.

  3. Aamina khan

    This is such an explicit content. Big fan of your work. You go girl. ❤

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    This was really good. This is actually a pice of writing that attracts readers… And non readers as well. I am dying to read it now😋🙂

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    I have fallen in love with this book all over again via your words!

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    I love the way you describe and small bit of it. It was worth giving it even a second, how beautifully you describe everything. Loved it❤️

  7. Shubham verma

    Your article is a blessing for the readers out there, Ishika, Made me fall in love with the book more. How do you even do that?
    Reading the book made me feel like I read it with your eyes, Such a beauty.

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